Reassuringly simple website writing that gets you the attention you deserve online

Copywriting with a little more whiz and lot more bang

SEO website writing that’s clear, concise and convincing

Is your business getting enough attention online?   

Without SEO website writing, search engines will struggle to find you, which means people will too.

And, if your copy is hard to read or confusing to navigate, visitors who do find their way to your website will bounce off again. 

They’ll give up before they discover your amazing services or products. And, they’ll keep searching until they find a website that’s easy to read, use and understand.   

As an experienced copywriter, I’ve written over 367 website pages for a wide variety of businesses from coaches to HSEQ consultants and computer software developers. And that’s before I mention blogs, newsletters or articles.

So, I know how to create clear, concise, convincing content that speaks nicely to people and search engines, grabs their attention – and holds on tight.

That means more website visitors for your business and more opportunities to convert them into clients or customers.


Did I mention Google and Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engines like Google don’t want to get their recommendations wrong and appear unreliable.

They need to understand your business before they can include you in the search results. So, even if your website writing is clear and concise, it must also be optimised for the search engines.

My SEO copywriting makes it easier for search engines to understand what you do or what you offer. And that makes it easier for more potential clients to find your business online and choose you ahead of the rest.

It’s not rocket science – but there is science involved 

Visitors to your website are searching for a solution. They want to know what you offer and how it will make their lives easier or better.

And, of course, why they should choose you ahead of your competition. In other words – they need convincing.

I write website copy that taps into the psychology of persuasion, so your message paints a picture your site visitors recognise.

When it’s clear, captivating and convincing, you’ll encourage them to stick around longer, learn more and move closer to becoming loyal customers. 

Compelling website copy takes a special kind of writing

Happily, when you work with me, there’s no need for you to waste another minute wrestling with words, high-impact headlines or SEO strategies.

You can rely on my writing skills and experience to engage your site visitors and ensure your copy is relatable.

You can trust me to take care of all the pedantic writing stuff for you. 
Not because I genuinely enjoy it – although that does help – but because I understand which bits are essential for your success.

“Liz is a pleasure to work with and really understands SEO and copywriting.

She went above and beyond by spending time with my client to truly understand their business.”

Vanessa Geraghty McGann

Founder, Vivacity Marketing

“Liz took the time to discuss my requirements and also get to know the person behind the business. This enabled Liz to create content that exceeded my expectations in all areas.”

Narelle Davis

Director, Wildwood Studio

Copywriting that engages site visitors so they'll stick around

My services help your clients trust your
business ahead of the rest

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“It has been a very real pleasure to begin working with Liz at WhizBang Writing Solutions. She has taken all I’ve thrown her way and crafted it into something that retains ‘my voice’, but is more powerful and well-crafted.”

Jane Evans

Business Owner, The Jane Evans

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So, working with me is not just good for your business,
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