Compelling copy = greater engagement

Your business will struggle to grow if you can’t engage potential clients and set them on the pathway to becoming your customers.

But, writing objectively and persuasively about yourself and your business can be tricky, time consuming and costly.

Carefully crafted copy helps potential clients understand why they should choose your business – not your competition.

Nobody knows your business like you do

There’s no question that you know your business better than anyone.

But it’s no longer enough to simply tell people all about your fabulous products or services.

They want to learn how you’ll resolve a problem they’re experiencing or how you’ll improve their lives.

And they want to know your story so they feel they can trust you to deliver on your promises.

It all starts with you

At the beginning of your project, I take the time to learn as much as possible about:

– your story;

– what you do;

– what you offer;

– who you offer it to;

– who you’re up against; and,

why you’re different from your competition.

I use these details to underpin your copy, identify your key messages and help you connect with your clients.

Liz works diligently to convey the key messages in a way that will attract their target market. I highly recommend Liz Green from WhizBang Writing Solutions.

K Anderson

Creative Director, Sydney

Professional copywriting saves you time and money


Your website needs to attract clients, grab their attention, make them curious about what you offer and why they should choose you.

 When you work with me, I help you identify your clients’ problems and pain pointsThen I’ll craft captivating content that:


  • highlights all the benefits your clients will receive when they choose your product or service


  • identifies the many ways your solution will make your customers’ lives easier, better or both


  • frees you up – so you can put your time and energy into what you do best – running your business and making your customers happy 

I can help you with your copywriting

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