Editing and proofreading services

Making you sound as good as you are

When you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your field, it’s essential that you sound like one.

Pressing publish, print or send without editing and proofreading your content first, can be costly. It might seem like a small thing, but even a simple typo or grammar mistake chips away at your credibility.

If you haven’t taken care to communicate clearly and carefully, your potential customers may question the quality of your service or product. 

And, they might think twice about asking you to build their home, photograph their wedding or give them legal advice…

Don’t let writing that’s poorly structured, inconsistent or interspersed with typos cause your readers to question your expertise.

I can help you with your editing, proofreading or both.

I’ll find the typos lurking in your text and help you maintain a consistent and reliable standard across all your content. 

I’ll make sure you sound as good as you are – every time.

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